About us


The YES SOCIETY provides innovative ways to life skills and job training linking youth, young adults, and families to career opportunities, which empower and promote self-sufficiency in Economics, Education, Health, Technology, and the Arts.



The Vision of the YES SOCIETY is to be a trusted voice that will be a significant impact on building our legacy. We Seek to:


  • Encourage Hearts

  • Equip Minds

  • Create Jobs

  • Entrepreneurship 

  • Teach Life Skills 

  • Provide Resources

  • Economic Empowerment 

  • Performing Arts Talent Center 



The Youth Ethics Success Society(YES) founded in 2000 by Shirley McIntyre in the town of McComb Mississippi. Mrs. Shirley served as the Program Director for the McComb Boys & Girls Club before founding her organization. There she witnessed the struggles of disadvantaged youths on a daily basis, which ultimately fueled her fire and passion for creating the YES Society.
Shirley envisioned empowering youths to become more self-sufficient as well as productive members of their communities on a global basis. She would do this by keeping them productive through work programs which she would devise.
In August 2005 Hurricane Katrina destroyed the YES Society 12,000 square foot building, which was the cornerstone of the organization. Being a very devastating time for many as we were not able to rebuild. The property itself remains as we're setting our sites on the future. 
Before Hurricane Katrina, the Yes Society prepared teens for work, by providing paid on the job training, and placement, career counseling, as well as life skills training. Once a youth identified a career choice, they trained in our business office, retail store, or vocational area. Training included Retail Sales, Office Assistant,  Appliance Repair, Carpentry, and Construction. 


The Society received Court, Schools, and Social Services requests to assist with troubled youths. The Society provided them with counseling, clothing, and personal items. Our youth gave back by helping senior citizens with chores and repairs, attend conferences, events, and cleanup campaigns. We had monthly free merchandise giveaways and fundraised for causes. Partnered with our local Fire Departments to assist burn out victims with clothing, supplies, and furniture. YES, programs helped many by providing the resources needed to bridge the gap between individuals, businesses, industries, and organizations in both the private and public sectors. 


In 2014 The Society was revived in Long Beach California, with the goal being to continue the journey by collaborating with other organizations to provide innovative ways linking youth and young adults with opportunities to empower and promote self-sufficiency in Economics, Education, Health, Technology and the Arts. Currently, we are seeking funding to get a larger life skills training facility to increase our efforts. 


At a time where youth unemployment and unacceptable behaviors are on the rise, there are significant concerns; we recognize the importance of having such resources available.